The Three Tentacles and Mark VZBG with Nikil Ramanathan, Scott Martin and Mark VZBG 4-21-09
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Super Flying Platipi with Saniya Khullar, Alison Puzio, Cally Simmons-Edler, and Siddhi Sundar 4-21-09

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Nikil's Lunch Show with Nikil Ramanathan 4-21-09

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Peaking in the Red with Nikil Ramanathan, Evan Weston and Adam Niemann 4-21-09
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Family Feud

Alexandra Olgin

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Lunch Show 2-21-09
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Audio Adrenaline with Scott Martin and Nikil Ramanathan
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Controlled Chaos with Melissa Obleada, Alison Puzio, Karin Histelberger, Priyanka Tilve, Shiney Patnaik

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Junior Jocularity with Cameron Ross, Kate Broughton, Alison Shook, Allie Briffa, and Mike Voltmer
Direct download: 4-21-09_pd2.mp3
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The AC & Fan in the Morning Show with Anna Carleen, Christina Fan, Scott Martin, Briana Taft, and Nikil Ramanathan
Direct download: 4-21-09_morning.mp3
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