Unbuttered Baguette (Period 8) with Levi E, Lindsay B, Nick W, Darren B and Radhika U 10-30-20

Direct download: 10-30-20_Unbuttered_Baguette_Halloween_Spook-tacular_01.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 9:09pm EST

107.9 FM Teacher Appreciation Compilation Show (hosted by Christian G) 6-28-20

Direct download: Teacher_Best_Of_FINAL_EDIT_5-23-20.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 11:19pm EST

Quarantine Day 16 (Pd 5) with Christian G., Anna R. and Levi E.    5-27-20





Direct download: Quarantine_Day_16.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 1:26am EST

Nate and Alexa Shut-in Show with Nate P. and Alexa P.  6-16-20

Direct download: 6-16-20pd3.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 1:19am EST

"Alex and Nate's Shut-in Show" With Alexa P and Nate P  6-5-20

Direct download: 6-5-20Pd3.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 12:36am EST

Quarantine Show Day 15 (with Ms. Hilton) with Anna, Levi, Christian and Ms. Hilton 5-27-20

Direct download: Quarantine_Day_15_Ms._Hilton_Special.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 9:10pm EST

Quarantine Day 14: Memorial Day Edition (Period 5) with Christian G., Anna R., and Levi E. 5-25-20.

Direct download: Quarantine_Day_15_Final_Edit__Memorial_Day.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 5:03pm EST

Alex and Nate's "Shut in Show 1" (Pd3) with Nate P and Alexa P   5-21-2020

Direct download: 5-21-20Pd3.m4a
Category:podcast -- posted at: 11:05pm EST

Quarantine Day 13: Mrs. Stoddard Special (Pd 5) 5-12-20

Direct download: Quarantine_Day_13_Stoddard_Special.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 11:00pm EST

Quarantine Podcast Day 11: Mrs. Fitz Special (Pd 5) with Christian G., Anna R., Levi E. and Mrs. Fitzpatrick. 5-7-20.

Direct download: Quarantine_Day_11_Re-edit_Fitz_Special.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 10:22pm EST

Quarantine Day 12: Mr. Borsuk Special (Period 5) with Christian G., Anna R., Levi E. and Mr. Borsuk. 5-8-20.

Direct download: Quarantine_Day_12_Mr._Borsuk_Special.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 1:19am EST

Quarantine Day 10 (Pd 5) Sra. Moncada Special with Christian G., Anna R., Levi E., and Sra. Moncada 5-4-20 

Direct download: 5-4-20Pd5_.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 9:41pm EST

Quarantine Day 9:(Pd 5) Mr. Fisher Special with Christian G, Anna R., Levi. E, and special guest Mr. Fisher. 4-30-20.

Direct download: Quarantine_Day_9_Mr._Fisher_Special.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 12:00am EST

Quarantine Day 8 (Period 5) with Christian G, Levi E. and Anna R. 4-28-20 

Direct download: Quarantine_Day_8_Pd5_4-28-20.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 11:41pm EST

Quarantine Podcast 7 (Period 5) with Christian G., Levi E. and Anna R. 4-24-20


Direct download: Quarantine_Day_7_Final.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 10:50pm EST

Quarantine Podcast 6 (Period 5) with Christian, Anna and Levi 4-22-20

Direct download: Quarantine_Podcast_Day_6.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 11:01pm EST

Quarantine Podcast 5 (Period 5) with Christian, Anna and Levi 4-16-20
Direct download: Quarantine_Podcast_Day_5_Compressed.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 8:50pm EST

"Quarantine Podcast 4 (Period 5) with Christian, Anna and Levi    4-13-20"

Direct download: Quarantine_Podcast_Day_4_Revised.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 11:23am EST

Levi's Polo Party featuring Moses: advertisement characters (Pd 5) with Levi and Moses  2-27-2020

Direct download: 2-27-20pd5_P.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 11:27pm EST

Levi's Polo Party featuring Radhika: cartoon characters (Pd5) with Levi and Radhika 2-21-2020

Direct download: 2-21-20pd5-P.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 11:00pm EST

Best of After School Show 7 (AS7) with Christian and Friends 4-11-2020

Direct download: Best_of_Show_1_AS_6_4-11-2020.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 11:52pm EST

Quarantine Podcast 3 (Period 5) with Christian, Anna and Levi     4-2-2020

Direct download: Quarantine_Podcast_Day_3_Compressed.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 1:23am EST

Quarantine Show 2 (Period 5)  with Levi, Anna and Christian 3-31-2020

Direct download: Quarantine_Day_2_01.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 1:17am EST

Quarantine Podcast Day 1 (Period 5) with Christian, Anna and Levi 3-27-2020

Direct download: Quarantine_Podcast_Day_1.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 12:01pm EST

Levi's Polo Party from home featuring Phoebe with Levi E. and Phoebe E.  3-20-2020

Direct download: 3-20-20_pd5_At_Home_P.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 11:32pm EST

Tea Time (Period 3), Jai Wilkins, Angelique Resil, Elizabeth Jamison, and Nate Pirrera. 2-25-2020

Direct download: 2-25-2020_pd3_P.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 9:37am EST

AAANG GANG (Period 3) with Alexa P, Nate P, Amreen M, and Gauri G. 1-27-20

Direct download: 1-27-20_pd3_file1_P.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 10:38am EST





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